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Please consider helping victims of violent crime when you apply for your PFD this year!

Eva Program

The Eva Foundation was created in 2004 by a woman that wanted to help her friend who left an abusive relationship she had endured for more than 10 years. As time wore on, many of the founding members parted ways or moved out of state and the Eva Foundation was down to a shell of its former self.  As of February 8, 2016, the Eva Foundation will merge with Victims for Justice who will create the Eva Program to be carried out with the same mission and eventually expand to include other survivors of violent crimes.

Abuse affects families in all income brackets.  Most victims are women who find themselves in the untenable position of choosing between a financially secure yet abusive relationship and freedom from abuse at the cost of loss of financial support.  According to statistics provided by the Anchorage Police Department, victims attempt to leave their abusers seven times on average before making a permanent seperation. We want to break that cycle and make it easier for victims to start independent lives by providing esteem building goods and services to help them find jobs, seek normal relationships or just reenter society and secure an abuse-free future for themselves and their loved ones. 

Services offered:  Esteem building necessities such as; personal care products, clothing, household items, food cards, transportation assistance, dental and optical assistance, pet products and vet services, school supplies, birthday assistance, just to name a few.

Pre screening is REQUIRED, all services are not available to all applications.  The Eva Program and Victims for Justice reserves the right to refuse services to anyone.

Application:  Please click here for the application.

Contact: For more information or questions, please contact Lexi Rickard at lrickard@victimsforjustice.org